Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Pink Rose

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been putting up new blog posts. I've been extremely busy with schoolwork, dance, and other activities. I wrote this poem in my Creative Writing I class, and I hope you guys like it :)

"My Pink Rose"

The first flower
has started to bloom
In my presence, I watch it grow
A rose, with colors like no other
It's pink, so vibrant and pretty
like a girl's dress on Easter Sunday
I watch it grow
Everyday on the warm and cool nights
It breathes radiance
elegance, poise, and beauty
Blossoming like a lady
it is matured and beautiful
The sun shines down
nurturing the flower
The flower is majestic
a flower like not other
But nothing lasts forever
Seasons come and go
The cold and harsh weather
hits hard like a thunderstorm
Killing any plant or flower
This rose that I watched
Had become wilted and dry
stealing my joy
Spring has come again
bringing back my joy
as I watch this new flower grow
beautiful on my window sill.

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Friday, February 1, 2013

My Unmarked, Unclaimed Territory

Hey guys! I'm back! Did you miss me? I'm sure you did! Anyways, I'm taking Creative Writing I this semester, and we read this poem called 'Unclaimed Territory' by Louisa DeBoo and my teacher asked us to write a poem based on her style, (which is about how hard the writing process can be) so I want to share it with you guys!
*Please keep in mind that this IS a ROUGH draft, so I haven't edited it yet. I'll do that in another post*

'My Unmarked, Unclaimed Territory'

The blank paper stares at me
I have no thoughts
The paper mocks me
Challenging my thoughts and intelligence

For I have nothing to write

Searching high and low
I'm seeking for inspiration
Words fading,
memories becoming so distant,
feelings and emotions leaving
where they hid and flee from me
Trying to reach them
They flee once again

My pen leaves. Going unused.

The blank paper stares at me
For I couldn't write
Mocking and laughing
The paper won.

Ok, please give me your feedback on what you liked about it, what you didn't like about it, and if there is anything that could be done to the poem to make it sound better. Thanks guys!

Christina :) xoxo

My Extremely Long Vacation (Not Really)

Hey guys,
LOL, I just realized that the last time I made a blog post was on Dec 4, which was over 2 months ago. I apologize because I had a lot going on between Christmas vacation and now. My cousins and their parents (aunt and uncle) came to visit us for Christmas and I was extremely happy to see them because that was my first time ever meeting them. It was such a blast and we had so much; we went to Disney World and took a little "road trip" while they were here. Christmas was amazing because I got to spend it with my wonderful family, but the only downside was that I was sick on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the rest of the week until my birthday. It sucked, but other than that, I can't complain.

  So how are you guys and how was your Christmas vacation? I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year, because I did. AHHH I just realized that today is the first of February! Happy First Day of February! Hehehehe! That means Valentine's Day will be here soon and winter will be almost over! I'm tired of the cold weather and can't wait to break out the gladiators, capris, tanks, and skirts and everything summer related.

I really don't know what else to say. I have no thoughts right now and I had some earlier and they disappeared!

Oh well!

Tell people to follow me and shoutout to Grace (I forgot what your blog name was) for following me! I really appreciate it :)


Chrissy :) xoxo

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It's December! (Did I Mention That I Love December?)

HELLOOOOO to all my wonderful followers; I'm so sorry that I have been ignoring you for the past two months. I have been so busy with school, church, dance and other things that I completely forgot to write posts (I keep doing this a lot and I don't really like it)

   Anyways, today is the fourth day of December, which means only 21 days (3 weeks) until Christmas! I love December because 1) It is my favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite MONTH out of the ENTIRE YEAR 2) It is my BIRTH MONTH so I look forward to my birthday 3) I love the Holiday Spirti- decorating the Christmas tree, listening to Christmas music, decorating the house and all those type of Christmas-y stuff.

  So I know that everyone looks forward to the gifts during Christmas time and I understand because the anticipitation of not knowing for like 3 weeks what your friends, family, and relatives got  for you can be overwhelming, but I don't think it is good to get too caught up in the gifts; it is also about spending time with family and friends, but most importantly celebrating Jesus' birthday and the gift God gave to us so we could be saved. Being a Christian, it is very important that I don't forget the true meaning of the holiday and to always remember why Christmas - December 25th, is such an important day. So I want to encourage you as we celebrate Christmas all throughout December, let us remember the real reason for this holiday and to always celebrate for that reason. I'm not saying you shouldn't be happy andl looking forward to the gifts, but don't get too caught up in it, that you forget there's more to it than just opening presents.

   Just thought I would share my thoughts on that, but anywho, I finished (well almost lol) my Christmas wishlist, but I kind of realized that I don't want to many stuff because my parents are already spending so much. I'm really happy though because I already I'm getting one present that is kind of like my birthday/Christmas present (but it is mostly my birthday present) and I'm so excited to get it.

....... It is the Canon EOS Rebel T3i!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AHHHH I'm so excited! I've been dreaming about this camera since this past summer and I'm so glad that I am able to get it!!! I've been wanting to improve my photography and actually study it because I think that it is beautiful and it is really fascinating! It is a really cool and amazing camera and what I love about it most is that it has an articulating LCD screen that you can use for both video and camera mode. So like for instance,  say you were taking a picture of a flower, but you wanted to take it a different angle, instead of just looking straight at it; you could easily rotate the screen and take the photo at different angles.

      I really hope I can get it because it is a lot of money since it is one of those professional cameras. One thing I know for certain is that when I do get this camera, I will be taking pictures non-stop. My parents will literally have to pry the camera out of my hands just to do my homework, or do chores, or stuff like that.

  That's mainly the only thing that I want for Christmas because nothing else is really appealing to me.  The only other thing I would really want if I can get it is this necklace from Disney Couture.
It is really expensive; it is about $129.00, and the camera is $500+ so that's out of my wishlist, but It would be nice if I could get it for a cheaper price.... LOL

 But basically, the only thing I would like to have is just the camera; I don't want to be one of those people that they have to buy more, that they can't just have 1 present for Christmas.. But I'm happy with what I have , so need to complain; some people wish they could have at least 1 toy for their son or daughter....
  I was thinking about instead of buying so much gifts, I would buy some and donate it to charities so that some children can have Christmas gifts, like Salvation Army, Red Cross, etc ( I don't know that many) just to give back to the community.

        Well, that's all i have to say for today. I'll take to you later! Please share my blog with your friends and tell them to follow me! Thanks and buh-bye! <3

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Gaining Followers

I'm up to 5 followers! Yay! I know it is not much, and you guys are probably like, "Five followers is not a big deal." Well.... for me, it kind of it is because I remember how close I was to giving up on my blog and just abandoning it, leaving it in that state and not caring anymore about what I should post or write about on my blog, but that wasn't an option for me. I love to write and express myself and I'm so glad that blogging was able to do that for me.

 So yea, five followers IS a big deal for ME because I wasn't even that close when I first started to blog, so I just want to say thank you to my followers and everyone that views my page (who should follow me if they like me so much :)) Please pray that my blog becomes a success because now I'm dedicated to posting entries frequently instead of once a month. LOL

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Weekly Segments- Any Suggestions?

Hey all my little AND amazing followers! How are you all doing this fine Thursday afternoon?

I just wanted to get your opinion from you guys. I wanted to know if there is sometime of special segment you would like me to hold on certain days, like on Wednesdays or Fridays that could become weekly events.

I was already planning on doing that, but you guys ARE the reason why I am doing it and I wanted to get your opinion on what YOU want to see.

Please comment below and thank you very much!
*Nice comments please. I don't want any vulgar language or anything "inappropriate."

Thank you :)

Au revoir

Chrissy <3

Monday, October 8, 2012

Where Have I Gone Because Nobody Knows....

Hello to all my wonderful followers!
..... I can imagine that you are all pretty upset with me right now because I have been absent for, oh, I don't know, 4 1/2 months. LOL! Please forgive me! You don't how sorry (and busy) I am. My summer was good for the most part and the start of school.. it's like my brain just wandered off because I can't seem to remember what I am supposed to do, when my assignments are due, etc. I'm so glad that you guys didn't unfollow me because that would just break my hear and since you didn't, it shows how faithful you guys are. Thank you for believing me! I know that my blog isn't up "to par" and that it is not the best desgined blog in the history of blogging, but it actually is something. I mean, isn't something better than nothing? I completely agree with that statement.

                 If you guys have any suggestions or any ideas on how I can improve my blog so I can get more followers please let me know because my goal for followers is 20. I'm not setting it to 50 or 100 or 1,000 because I'm just a beginner and I really don't know that much about graphic designing. I would love for someone to add all the cool features to my blog, give it a really cool theme, add music, and just make it so that it represents me!

           So yea, that's all I have to say. I'll be writing more since I'm actually interested in my blog again. Please Please recommend me to other bloggers; I'm in need of followers and I don't know how to get more. Please check out my other blog - A Serendipitous Feeling- this is the link right here:


Au revoir!